This dissection was the epitomy of my Anatomy career. My group included Erin and Wesley. This was the most complex, in-depth (and I mean really deep) dissection we as juniors have done to date. Dissecting a cat is one step under dissecting a cadaver. I learned a lot from this dissection, especially since I did most of the dissecting for my group. The grossest part was the intestines. They were just full of nasty, smelly junk. The only part of the cat that bothered me was the head, which we were forced to keep covered as we dissected. The expression on the face of the cat was disturbing and I wouldn't have been able to dissect while looking at it. Like I said earlier, when I got to the heart of the cat, I was able to identify many parts of it because we had already dissected the sheep heart. It was really cool seeing the cat fetuses from Kourtney, Mitch, and David's group. Even though they were dead, they really showed me the complexity of life, even in a cat. Following are just a few pictures from the several dozen we took.

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