A Hibernating Spinal Cord

The article from Yahoo, originally published by Reuters, talks about a new experimental treatment that is being developed in order to treat spinal cord injuries that could cause paralysis.
The treatment involves dropping the body's temperature several degrees so that it enters what it is described as a "modest hypothermia." Because of the low temperatures supposedly the spina cord enters a state of hibernation that will prevent it from causing further damage to itself which normally leads to paralysis.
Recently Buffallo Bills football player Kevin Everett suffered such an injury and underwent the treatment. Recently he has regained movement in his legs and arms which is a good sign so far. Doctors are remaining hopeful that he will be able to eventually walk again but still it is completely uncertain if he will definitely fully recover.
The writer of the article maintains a neutral point of view throughout the article and uses mostly quotes from specialists and doctors in order to tell the story and explain primary details. While several quotes support the treatment still there are some from experts that contradict them which gives the article a fair balance.
From the information and the facts given though I do believe that the treatment will prove effective and much more in fact further in the future from now. As of right now while it remains innovative and experimental it seems like the treatment will soon become more mainstream when it becomes more honed and perfected.
I learned mostly about the spinal cord from the information given and the vast complexity of it. Not only did I learn about its complexity but also about its importance and fragileness. Only from a single neck injury so much could resonate such as paralysis, blod clots, and even strokes.
The preciousness of it is probably then the top item that I've learned from reading this article which is important because I believe it is vital for everyone to understand and be aware of innovations in the field of medicine. If ignorant to them then the advances that do take place have no effect. Awareness is key to the success of these techniques and medical advances that are available to better man.