The muscle history project that we worked on in groups was a very well designed project. I particularly enjoyed it because I got to choose my own group by some fluke in the way that the groups were separated. The group that I chose to be in then was the group for Bell’s Palsy. I found this project interesting because I had never even heard of Bell’s Palsy before and when I first started I knew absolutely nothing about it. Thus, as I was learning about it I had to start completely from scratch and refine my knowledge to be able to present to the class and answer the questions asked about my topic.
Bell’s Palsy was an interesting topic to learn about not only because I had no clue what it was before but also because there was so much to know about it to be able to adequately present the material to the class. I really did enjoy presenting the material which was strange to me because public speaking is not my forte. However, I knew what I was talking about and I knew that I could answer any question that was asked so I felt very secure and confident in my knowledge.
I think that I liked this project so much because I really did know everything that I needed to be able to present the material. I was very proud of myself for learning everything that I did and not only that but I was proud of myself that I actually enjoyed learning about Bell’s Palsy. I feel like I, as well as the rest of my group members, did a very good job on this project and I am still satisfied with the way that everything turned out.