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This slideshow was a group project. In this project, each group was assigned a different disease that affected a person's nervous system. My group had drug addiction. Me and my two partners looked up a lot of the information in class and set up the slide show together, but then we each chose different topics to discuss on our own in the presentation. The challenge in this project was to use more images than words to convey the message to the class. Some of the pictures were hard to find (although we took some freedom and made them humorous such as the Chuckie Cheese picture), but I felt that our group did a great job finding all of the pictures we needed online. I learned that a drug addiction creates a neurochemical imbalance in the brain in the pleasure spots, which keeps a person coming back for more. The slides I chose to discuss were defining drug addiction, stimulants, and opiates. My group could have gone many ways with this subject, but we decided to focus on the signs of addiction, its affects on the nervous system, the idfferent types of drugs, and treatments. The types of drugs I further researched for the presentation, stimulants and opiates, I really didn't have previous knowledge on in the first place, so I ended up learning a lot. Because we had to present the information to the class, you had to know what you were talking about. Not only did I learn about drug addiction, but all the other groups that went that covered things such as migraines and paralysis were all combined into one quiz afterward, so I thought it was a creative and effective way to learn. Although the person watching the slide from my portfolio won't get the same experience as my classmates during our presentation, I am sure that it will provide many intruiging facts a person may not have known about drug addictions and its effects on the nervous system.