Anatomy Apprentice

Multiple Sclerosis Wiki Page

April 15, 2008
by Erin C, Olivia O, Cameron T and Sam P.


The introduction to this project was pretty cool I have to admit. The idea of an apprentice style project was good…in theory. After the initial introduction to the project the whole apprentice theme kind of disappeared, but it was fun while it lasted.

Mr. Orr presented each group leader with a task, a team, and a disorder to research. My group’s topic was Multiple Sclerosis. I was glad I got this disease to research because it is not just any old disease to me. I personally know someone who has MS (in the remissive state). MS is a disease that affects the brain. Sclerosis means scars and people with MS have plagues (or scars) in their brains—See I did learn something! However, I enjoyed learning about MS through doing my own research and typing my findings. I learn by doing much better than by simply writing notes.

Sam, my group mate, and I had some initial stress because we believed that our project was deleted the day before it was due. Thankfully, the project was recovered and we were allowed to present it smoothly to the class. I thought the project came out well. Every topic was covered from symptoms, causes, treatments, and graphics. The Power Point looked superb and the information was correct. Another plus—my group could answer the questions asked. If I had to change something about the outcome of this project it would be the way it was presented. I think the class should have been given a choice as to what method they wanted to use to present their project to the class. There are many other creative ways to present information other than PowerPoint. For example, a well-made video would have been just as informative and probably more interesting. I find that many students stop paying attention to Power Point presentations after about the second one. More people would watch attentively to a video because we are the technological generation. I think we should be able to demonstrate our various creative abilities through our schoolwork so that we further grow and learn.

I have gained a lot of information about the disorder of multiple sclerosis and hope to apply it to my life. Since I know someone with MS I will be able to apply my new knowledge now. I will be able to relate with them on a new level since I can now understand some of the extent of their symptoms. I now understand why they feel so awful some days and in a month their disorder will go into remission.