A tendon is a strong cord which joins a muscle to a bone. Muscle move the bones by pulling on the tendons. The bicep tendons runs from bicep muslce,
across front of the shoulder, to the glenoid. At the very top of the glenoid, the biceps tendon attaches to the bone and actually becomes part of the labrum. The tendons of the rotator cuff are the next layer in the shoulder joint. 4 rotator cuff tendons connect the deepest layer of muscles to the humerus.
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Many muscles attached to different part of the shoulder, and they helped to move the arm. The deltoid muscle is the strongest shoulder muscle and it is attached to The deltoid muscle is attached to the shoulder blade along the spine of the scapula (the acromion) and also attaches to the clavicle. Underneath the deltoid muscle, there is the rotator cluff which is group of 4 muscles that from a strong cuff around the shoulder joint and are the muslces that help to control the rotate and position of arm. THe four muscles are : the subscapularis, the supraspinatus, the infraspinatus and the teres minor. The subscapularis is attached to the deep surface of the scapula and then travels infront of the humeral head. And it prevents the shoulder from sliping out of the front of the joint. The subscapularis muscle is used to rotate internally the arm. The three other muscles of the rotator cuff are all attached to the back of the scapula and travel behind the humeral head.

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