Comparison of male and female pelves

general structure: In female the pelvis is tilted forward and is adapted for child bearing. The true pelvis defines the birth canla and the cavity is broad, shallow, and has a greater capacity. In men the pelvis is tilted less forward and is adapted for support of a male's heavier build and stronger muscles. The cavity of the true pelvis is narrow and deep.

Bone thickness

: in woman the bone structure is less as the bones are lighter, thinner, and smoother. In men the bone thickness is greater as the bones are heavier and thicker, and markings are more prominent.


: In woman the actebula is smaller as it is farther apart, while in men it is larger and closer together.
pubic angle/arch: In woman the pubic angle/arch is rounded and broader as the degree of angle ranges from 80 to 90. In men the pubic arch is more acute as the angle ranges from 50 to 60 degrees


: In woman the sacrum is wider, shorter, and less curved. In men the sacrum is narrow and longer.


: In woman the coccyx is more moveable and straighter, while in men it is less moveable and it curves ventrally.

Pelvic inlet

(brim): In woman the pelvic brim is wide and is oval from side to side. In men the pelvic brim is narrow and in the shape of a heart.

Pelvic outlet

: In woman the pelvic outlet is wide as the ischial spines are shorter, farther apart, and everted. In men the pelvic outlet is narrow as the ischial spines are longer, sharper, and point more medially.

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